Sunday, July 6, 2008



by: Ms. Ayyi Gardiola

Love Is When...

Love is when you've waited

for all of what seems so long

Even when he's holding another

you still know that you belong

Love is when you hold your ground

when he's not by your side

You love him and see him for him

even though he lied.

Love is when your still yourself

while speaking your mind to him

And when you split you still know

he'll be back again

Love is when your closer

to family and friends

When he has made you stronger

and gave you the cure to mend

Love is when you give him space

and give him room to breathe

When he looks to you knowing

that you're the one who believes

Love is when you mean so much

and try your best to make him see

When you take the pain of being put down

and you are still happy

Love is when he comes back to you

realizing he was wrong

When he holds you and lets you know

that you're where he belongs

Friday, July 4, 2008


Weeeee! another movie date with coicoi! Yesterday we went out to watch movie again. Yes again! We watched Hancock. The film is so funny and nice! Love it and the main character is Will Smith, one of my favorite hollywood actor. I guess you peeps now know what me and Coicoi love to do during our free time hehehehhe... We really love watching movies and films.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Moment With God!

Last Sunday the FPS society held a sunrise photo shoot at punta Dumalag Pawikan Sanctuary. Everybody were so busy setting up their tripods and cameras waiting for the sun to come out. T'was a very fine morning with drizzles from the sky. I was quiet sitting beside Coicoi who is also preparing to have a nice shot of his own. When the sun popped out, I thought of God! Talked to him in my mind, thanking him for all the blessings he gave me, for the guidance and the strength that he gives me in every problem that I encounter. Until Coicoi called me and held me the camera, yahoo my turn! Here below are the shots I got during the sunset shoot. Hope you'll love it peeps!