Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A SnAcK AfTeR A CrAcK!

I was so busy in my laboratory class and with so much to do, I was getting hungry. When my class finally ended, I rushed out of the school and saw my boyfriend waiting for me just in front of the school campus. I told him that i was hungry, so he asked me what i want to eat. I didn't want a heavy meal because it's too early for dinner. We decided to have a snack at Dunkin Donuts, it is one of our favorite snacks. We ordered our favorite donut which is choco wacko. I think I ate 4 pieces of it while my boyfriend ate only 2 pieces. Because of hungriness, I forgot about dieting that time. Can you imagine how much carbohydrates and calories a choco coated donut contains? Ack, but it's ok. At least i was full. After that, I skipped dinner...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

OnE NiCe ShOt!

This afternoon, me and my boyfriend stayed at the Micromedia Production Editing Office with his brother. We played PS2 while his brother was editing a wedding video. At about 7pm, we decided to have dinner at Chowking (a fastfood chain). After eating, we went to the park. They want to have a walk since we're so full.

At the park, me and my boyfriend had the chance to talk about our dreams and plans for the future. His brother was taking pictures of anything that he finds interesting. The picture above was one of his shots. Me and my boyfriend hadn't notice him taking our picture because we were so busy talking to each other. Thanks to Mac Mac for this picture! I love it!

Friday, February 15, 2008

StReEt FoOd AnD ThE StReEt CHiLdReN!



Last night after celebrating valentine's, me and my boyfriend decided to eat dinner in my house. I was thinking of cooking beef steak which is my specialty since it's our first valentines together. On our way home, we saw a barbecue stand. They sell grilled chicken, pork barbecue, pork mascara, grilled sausages, grilled fish, hotdogs and beef barbecue. The smell of the barbecue made me really hungry, so we decided to buy and have it for dinner instead of cooking. I guess we can't resist temptation when it comes to food hehehehe.

After buying barbecue, we saw three (3) street children picking plastic cups and newspapers in the trash. Unexpectedly, one of the boys greeted me "maayong gabii te", "happy valentines"! which means Good evening maam, Happy valentines. I smiled back and replied good evening and asked if I could take pictures of them since my boyfriend brought his 400D Canon camera. They agreed and posed without asking for something in return, I showed them the pictures i took and they were giggling and laughing. My boyfriend, who is very generous, gave them some of barbecues that we bought. They told my boyfriend that they were so hungry they have nothing for dinner and thanked him for the barbecue. After that, we went home with smiles on our faces and we had a sumptuous dinner. At least, we had the chance to put a smile on other peoples face! Such a nice thing to do.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My VaLeNTiNe!

Valentine's Day is the day whereby couples actually want to show their love one how much they love them and care about them. Yesterday, i was wondering what valentine's gift would be perfect for my boyfriend since it's our first valentine's day celebration together. I don't want to give him common valentines gifts that people usually give to their love ones. I want something unique and personalized, not one of those stuffed toys or anything that anybody can buy in the market.

So, I printed six (6) copies of his very own pop art picture and I made a paper toll out of it, I had it framed and gift wrapped. Oops! not only that, I baked homemade munchkins and placed it in a heart shaped container.
Early this morning, i went to his office and placed the gifts on his table and left hurriedly so he wont see me. After about an hour, he buzzed me in yahoo messenger and told me that he was surprised. I'm so happy he liked it and appreciated it. According to him it's the best valentine's gifts ever! Ey guys, the next time you'll give a gift to friends or love ones, make your own, create something unique. They'll appreciate it much.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A NiGhT At KaNtO BaR!

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend were on our way home when his cellphone suddenly rang. It was Mr. Teng Mangansakan, he wants us to meet up with him because he wants to introduce my boyfriend to Mr. Emman Dela Cruz (one of the most famous Filipino Directors in the Philippines). Unfortunately, when we arrived Mr Emman Dela Cruz had already left.

We stayed there and had a chit chat with Mr. Teng Mangansakan with regards to the pre-judging of the film entries of November. According to him, the competition is tough. Some of the judges gave us a good critic, some negative. But it's ok, my boyfriend told me that people have different point of views.

After about an hour, our friend Fern arrived. He was the editor of Mona's film. He also asked Mr. Mangansakan about the pre-judging. Suddenly, our attentions were caught by the performers of Kanto Bar. They play jazz and love songs. The girl vocalist is so pretty and has a very nice voice.

We ordered food and beer, we stopped talking about the film competition, we paid our attention to the performers and had fun. We went home at 2 in the morning.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Kids Who's Home Are The Street

One evening, I was fetched by my boyfriend after my class. He told me that his brother and our friend Shiela invited us to go to Quezon park near the Davao City Hall to eat kwek-kwek (a street food). When we got there, Sheila gave me a pack of fresh strawberries which is my favorite fruit. While in the park, my boyfriend took pictures of us. Suddenly, street children came and were asking for strawberries. I gave them some and asked me what kind of fruit that is, i replied and said those are strawberries, they grow on cold places and are very expensive. Some of the kids liked it's taste, some don't. The kids were so cute but were so dirty. They are very jolly and made us smile. So, i asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me with the kids.

It was fun, the kids know how to pose in front of the camera. They enjoyed looking at their faces in the camera. hahahaha... when we bid goodbye, they asked for some money. I was about to give them some coins, but my boyfriends brother asked me not to. Instead, he bought food for them. We left the park carrying a nice memory and with smile on our faces. What a nice evening!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Biniton is our entry for the Canadian Funded short film competition. We did the film November last year. My boyfriend Mc Robert Nacario directs Biniton. It is a story depicting the process of preparation and cooking of a dish called Biniton that is particular to the community of Saniag, Ampatuan. The process of cooking, in the eyes of an old woman, brings to life the hardships they experienced amidst armed conflict at the same time the process of preparation, through the experience of Amel, her grandson walks us through the current situation of their community. How amidst the hardships and diversity in culture they had all managed to bounce back and become united.

This film, along with six other short films from Mindanao, already had its World Premiere last December 6, 2007 7pm at Indie Sine, Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas Center in Pasig City. But the awarding will be held on March 25 this year at Cotabato City.