Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A SnAcK AfTeR A CrAcK!

I was so busy in my laboratory class and with so much to do, I was getting hungry. When my class finally ended, I rushed out of the school and saw my boyfriend waiting for me just in front of the school campus. I told him that i was hungry, so he asked me what i want to eat. I didn't want a heavy meal because it's too early for dinner. We decided to have a snack at Dunkin Donuts, it is one of our favorite snacks. We ordered our favorite donut which is choco wacko. I think I ate 4 pieces of it while my boyfriend ate only 2 pieces. Because of hungriness, I forgot about dieting that time. Can you imagine how much carbohydrates and calories a choco coated donut contains? Ack, but it's ok. At least i was full. After that, I skipped dinner...

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