Sunday, February 10, 2008

A NiGhT At KaNtO BaR!

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend were on our way home when his cellphone suddenly rang. It was Mr. Teng Mangansakan, he wants us to meet up with him because he wants to introduce my boyfriend to Mr. Emman Dela Cruz (one of the most famous Filipino Directors in the Philippines). Unfortunately, when we arrived Mr Emman Dela Cruz had already left.

We stayed there and had a chit chat with Mr. Teng Mangansakan with regards to the pre-judging of the film entries of November. According to him, the competition is tough. Some of the judges gave us a good critic, some negative. But it's ok, my boyfriend told me that people have different point of views.

After about an hour, our friend Fern arrived. He was the editor of Mona's film. He also asked Mr. Mangansakan about the pre-judging. Suddenly, our attentions were caught by the performers of Kanto Bar. They play jazz and love songs. The girl vocalist is so pretty and has a very nice voice.

We ordered food and beer, we stopped talking about the film competition, we paid our attention to the performers and had fun. We went home at 2 in the morning.

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