Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Kids Who's Home Are The Street

One evening, I was fetched by my boyfriend after my class. He told me that his brother and our friend Shiela invited us to go to Quezon park near the Davao City Hall to eat kwek-kwek (a street food). When we got there, Sheila gave me a pack of fresh strawberries which is my favorite fruit. While in the park, my boyfriend took pictures of us. Suddenly, street children came and were asking for strawberries. I gave them some and asked me what kind of fruit that is, i replied and said those are strawberries, they grow on cold places and are very expensive. Some of the kids liked it's taste, some don't. The kids were so cute but were so dirty. They are very jolly and made us smile. So, i asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me with the kids.

It was fun, the kids know how to pose in front of the camera. They enjoyed looking at their faces in the camera. hahahaha... when we bid goodbye, they asked for some money. I was about to give them some coins, but my boyfriends brother asked me not to. Instead, he bought food for them. We left the park carrying a nice memory and with smile on our faces. What a nice evening!

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