Thursday, February 14, 2008

My VaLeNTiNe!

Valentine's Day is the day whereby couples actually want to show their love one how much they love them and care about them. Yesterday, i was wondering what valentine's gift would be perfect for my boyfriend since it's our first valentine's day celebration together. I don't want to give him common valentines gifts that people usually give to their love ones. I want something unique and personalized, not one of those stuffed toys or anything that anybody can buy in the market.

So, I printed six (6) copies of his very own pop art picture and I made a paper toll out of it, I had it framed and gift wrapped. Oops! not only that, I baked homemade munchkins and placed it in a heart shaped container.
Early this morning, i went to his office and placed the gifts on his table and left hurriedly so he wont see me. After about an hour, he buzzed me in yahoo messenger and told me that he was surprised. I'm so happy he liked it and appreciated it. According to him it's the best valentine's gifts ever! Ey guys, the next time you'll give a gift to friends or love ones, make your own, create something unique. They'll appreciate it much.

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