Friday, February 15, 2008

StReEt FoOd AnD ThE StReEt CHiLdReN!



Last night after celebrating valentine's, me and my boyfriend decided to eat dinner in my house. I was thinking of cooking beef steak which is my specialty since it's our first valentines together. On our way home, we saw a barbecue stand. They sell grilled chicken, pork barbecue, pork mascara, grilled sausages, grilled fish, hotdogs and beef barbecue. The smell of the barbecue made me really hungry, so we decided to buy and have it for dinner instead of cooking. I guess we can't resist temptation when it comes to food hehehehe.

After buying barbecue, we saw three (3) street children picking plastic cups and newspapers in the trash. Unexpectedly, one of the boys greeted me "maayong gabii te", "happy valentines"! which means Good evening maam, Happy valentines. I smiled back and replied good evening and asked if I could take pictures of them since my boyfriend brought his 400D Canon camera. They agreed and posed without asking for something in return, I showed them the pictures i took and they were giggling and laughing. My boyfriend, who is very generous, gave them some of barbecues that we bought. They told my boyfriend that they were so hungry they have nothing for dinner and thanked him for the barbecue. After that, we went home with smiles on our faces and we had a sumptuous dinner. At least, we had the chance to put a smile on other peoples face! Such a nice thing to do.

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