Friday, March 28, 2008

BuRgEr TiMe!

It was Thursday when I visited my boyfriend in his brother's office. We both have no classes during that time. We stayed there the whole afternoon playing PS2 when he suddenly became hungry, He asked me what i want for snack I said i don't know anything will do. He wanted to have pizza which is our favorite, but it will take time for the order to come so he went out and bought Hotdog burgers. When he came back, the rain suddenly fall. His brother can't come to the office because of the heavy rain. So, we ate and played PS2 the whole afternoon till evening while waiting for his brother to come. It turned out to be a date because we talked and had fun with each other. Just sharing, it's another day of spending time alone with each other. I love my boyfriend so much!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Araw ng Dabaw (Davao Day) has evolved into a celebration of the DavaoeƱos’ oneness. It is a vibrant feast held every March 16 and together with the Kadayawan, ranks as Davao City's biggest annual event.

Before March 16 came, I told my boyfriend that I'd like to witness the Float parade. He didn't want me to go because according to him there will be a lot of people on the street and i might get lost. He can't watch over me because he will be on the street as well because he will be taking pictures. He doesn't want to leave me alone with the crowed, he wont be able to concentrate in taking pictures for he will be worrying about me. So i decided to stay home and watch the Araw ng Dabaw Celebration on TV.

I missed the parade but at least I know and understand that my boyfriend doesn't want anything bad to happen to me. Well i guess I'll have to bring a companion next time. And besides,just by looking at my boyfriend's shots and watching TV made me feel as if i was one of those people in the crowed.

The pictures above were just some of the photos he took during the parade!

Friday, March 14, 2008

PiZzA WiTh My SwEeTaH!

Me and my boyfriend want to watch the movie "300", which according to our friends is a must seen movie. So since we both don't have classes, we've decided to go and watch the movie. We went to NCCC mall and bought our tickets, but it's too early for the next showing. We both were thinking of having pizza before going to the cinema since it's too early for the next showing.

We went to Pizza Hut and ordered our favorite family sized stuffed crust pizza. When our order came, some people were looking at us and I find it so annoying. I went to the bathroom and checked if there's a dirt on my face, but there was nothing. My boyfriend was so neat so they can't be staring at him. My boyfriend smiled and told me that maybe they were thinking if we could eat the whole thing. Hahahaha... they just don't know we can have whole family sized pizza each. We just love eating pizza so much!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A GaMe GuRu???



My boyfriend is so into computer games, no wonder he's taking up Information Technology. He loves to play PS2, PSP and computer games. I'm not complaining though, I also love to play PS2 and PSP but it's sometimes hard to get his attention or even ask him to stop whenever he starts playing. What i do is to join him playing. Well, "IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM"! haha.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ThE BeSt PhOtOgRaPhEr AnD FiLm DiReCtOr In My LiFe!

It's Sunday, and instead of staying home to rest for the up coming busy week, my boyfriend asked me to accompany him in the park to practice photography using his new lens. When we arrived, he took pictures of me before he started taking pictures of anything he can see there. He got nice shots of kids and family. I consider thIS day as a date for the both of us because we had lots of fun and we had the chance to spend time with each other. Its one beautiful day to be remembered. I love you sWEETY!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

HoMe StReEt HoMe!


After my class my boyfriend fetched me, instead of eating out we decided to go home early and have dinner in my place. On our way home, we saw these kids getting ready to sleep. My boyfriend wanted to take pictures of them for his Photography site, so i asked the kids if they could be so kind to let us take some pictures of them both, and fortunately they agreed. After my boyfriend took pictures, he showed it to them. The two kids smiled on their pictures.

While my boyfriend was taking their picture, i asked them questions and i found out that they don't have a home. They live on side walks and ask people money for food. Here in the Philippines there are three categories of street children: children on the streets, children of the streets and completely abandoned children. And these two children belongs to the "Children of the Street" category wherein, they see the streets as their home and from where they seek income, food and shelter. They recreate a sort of family among their companions. They may have some family connections but they regard these ties as bad and rarely visit their families.

How i wish our City Mayor can do something about them. If i am rich, I'll put up a charity home for this kids and give them free schooling.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008



My boyfriend just bought his camera a month ago. Now, he wants to try doing Lomography Photography which is a
snapshot photography. Accidents are not created on purpose by the photographer, they just occur as a result of the camera’s tendency to oversaturate colors, clutter the image with noise, and over/underexpose shot. He is planing to buy a Lomo camera which i disagreed because he just bought the 400D canon.

I encouraged him not to because he can have a semi lomography shot if only he'll practice without buying another cam. I told him i love his shots and asked him to improve much because he is getting better and better. And because of that, i made him happy and was able to put a smile on his face. I know he will be challenged and will explore more about the effects and possible angles in taking picture. Good Luck sweety!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

ThE PeOpLe'S PaRk


People's park was the former PTA Ground. It features a mini rain forest, public areas for jogging and tai chi and the like. It has a playground where your kids can have fun. The park is also equipped with CCTV cameras. According to our city Mayor, the cameras were to keep the premises secure, and to prevent “illicit activities” inside the park. Accenting the surrounding are statues by Mr. Kublai Millan a proud Dabawenyo artist. This newly reopened park is located in the heart of downtown area. The park adds to Davao City’s tourism attractions and public recreation areas! For Dabawenyo's, it is something to be proud of.