Friday, March 14, 2008

PiZzA WiTh My SwEeTaH!

Me and my boyfriend want to watch the movie "300", which according to our friends is a must seen movie. So since we both don't have classes, we've decided to go and watch the movie. We went to NCCC mall and bought our tickets, but it's too early for the next showing. We both were thinking of having pizza before going to the cinema since it's too early for the next showing.

We went to Pizza Hut and ordered our favorite family sized stuffed crust pizza. When our order came, some people were looking at us and I find it so annoying. I went to the bathroom and checked if there's a dirt on my face, but there was nothing. My boyfriend was so neat so they can't be staring at him. My boyfriend smiled and told me that maybe they were thinking if we could eat the whole thing. Hahahaha... they just don't know we can have whole family sized pizza each. We just love eating pizza so much!

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