Thursday, March 6, 2008

HoMe StReEt HoMe!


After my class my boyfriend fetched me, instead of eating out we decided to go home early and have dinner in my place. On our way home, we saw these kids getting ready to sleep. My boyfriend wanted to take pictures of them for his Photography site, so i asked the kids if they could be so kind to let us take some pictures of them both, and fortunately they agreed. After my boyfriend took pictures, he showed it to them. The two kids smiled on their pictures.

While my boyfriend was taking their picture, i asked them questions and i found out that they don't have a home. They live on side walks and ask people money for food. Here in the Philippines there are three categories of street children: children on the streets, children of the streets and completely abandoned children. And these two children belongs to the "Children of the Street" category wherein, they see the streets as their home and from where they seek income, food and shelter. They recreate a sort of family among their companions. They may have some family connections but they regard these ties as bad and rarely visit their families.

How i wish our City Mayor can do something about them. If i am rich, I'll put up a charity home for this kids and give them free schooling.

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