Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Moment With God!

Last Sunday the FPS society held a sunrise photo shoot at punta Dumalag Pawikan Sanctuary. Everybody were so busy setting up their tripods and cameras waiting for the sun to come out. T'was a very fine morning with drizzles from the sky. I was quiet sitting beside Coicoi who is also preparing to have a nice shot of his own. When the sun popped out, I thought of God! Talked to him in my mind, thanking him for all the blessings he gave me, for the guidance and the strength that he gives me in every problem that I encounter. Until Coicoi called me and held me the camera, yahoo my turn! Here below are the shots I got during the sunset shoot. Hope you'll love it peeps!

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Miah Laborte said...

sunset? o sunrise? whehehe... newayz, gndang pagkakuha... :) visit my photoblog too.. hehe...
tsalamat... :)