Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dirt Devil!

Cleaning is the activity of making things clean. And it means not dirty, free from dirt or impurities, unadulterated, or free from infection. I think none of us wants to live in a dirty environment right? But to some, cleaning is a hassle and is very tiring. Others say that cleaning is time consuming and needs cleaning products that consumes energy BIG!

Well, worry no more and Clean with a Conscience with Dirt Devil- AccuCharge Technology. Soaring energy prices combined with increased awareness have consumers looking to trusted brands for products that conserve energy and perform well. It's this philosophy that led Dirt Devil to design the first ENERGY STAR(R) approved cordless product line.AccuCharge Technology is a high-efficiency charging system that saves time and money while you do your part in cleaning and to reduce energy consumption at the same time! Dirt Devil has developed this new energy efficient, Energy Star approved line of cordless cleaning products. And this advanced system makes AccuCharge the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved.

The AccuCharge system protects batteries from degradation, meaning a longer battery life and effective runtime throughout its life time. The combination of a high-efficiency power supply and an intelligent charger enables AccuCharge technology to achieve a 70 percent reduction in energy consumption and preserve the life of the battery over time, which in turn saves the consumer money. Without a constant flow of power, the battery does not degrade like it does in typical rechargeable products so the suction power and effective running time lasts longer, maintaining the product's performance level. The AccuCharge Technology comes in numerous vacuum products for consumers to choose from that fits their needs, check out the following:

They are the best vacuums for people who don't like to push around full-sized vacuums. Canister vacuums with HEPA filters are ideal for dusting, and the long wand is great for cleaning drapery.

These carpet cleaning machines are easy to use - you can steam clean all of your carpets in no time.

Designed by famed product designer Karim Rashid, these products have an elegant, sculptural form, so they can be left out on display. Always charged and always ready!

Life is full of spills, big and small. No matter the size of your mess, we have the best handheld vacuum cleaners for the job. Choose from cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, handheld HEPA vacuums, and rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaners to keep your home clean.

Keep your Dirt Devil products running like new. This genuine parts and accessories are available for purchase online. Whatever you need, be it filters, belts, bags, carpet solutions, vacuum cleaner tools, hoses, or just spare parts.Search below to find what you need.

Stick vacuum cleaners, or broom vacuums, are the answer when you need powerful cleaning from a small vac. These rechargeable, cordless vacuum cleaners are fast and easy to use. Keep a Dirt Devil cordless Stick Vac in your dorm room, office or home for quick cleanups.

The upright vacuum cleaners are among the most full-featured, best performance upright vacuum cleaners available. From upright HEPA vacuums to lightweight broom vacs, our upright, floor vacuum cleaners are the clear choice when you have mostly carpeted surfaces.

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