Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Simple Date

Yesterday I had the chance to spend time with coicoi despite of his hectic schedule in school and his work. He came to my house at 12 noon. We sat in the living room and watched a movie (Seven Samurai's, We had our merienda and decided to got out for a bonding time. So, we left home at about 7pm. Went to the mall and we did window shopping. It was my intention to bring him to the mens wear because Im planning to buy him a shirt or a polo shirt for our monthsary. Hehehehe tricky huh? at least I'll know what he likes and then buy it na lang for him... after window shopping we had a very sumptuous dinner and saw some of our fellow FPS friends. After the nice dinner we made a canvas on lenses, because we are planing to buy one. But we need to choose between the macro lens and the wide. hehehe then we finally decided to go home. I consider it a date because we had the chance to spend time with each other. I seldom see him this past few days because he is a very busy person, that's why if we have time I make sure we get to enjoy our time together and make it memorable. We'll we're both graduating this year and we're planning to treat our selves abroad after graduation Yehey can't wait for that time to come... well i hope we're still together by then... Anyway guys I need your help, what place could be really nice for a graduation vacation treat?

Hongkong? The Disneyland?

waaa help me pls hehehhe...