Friday, August 8, 2008

The OLYMPIC Fashion Parade

Yesterday, My sister and I watched the opening of Olympics through online streaming. I noticed the outfits of the people who participated in the Olympic parade. Some of them looked good, some looked funny. Thanks to yahoo for having Cameron Spencer/Getty Images shots in the internet. Check em out and tell me what you think about their outfit.

Team Great Britain arguably had the best uniforms of the night: simple navy suits with white jackets and matching belts

Team USA looked dapper in their navy Ralph Lauren sports coats and white berets.

The fashion-forward French women donned berets, and trendy leather wraps.

The Spanish men stood out in glowing red suits and matching shoes.

The Swiss channeled a skateboarder look.

The Spanish women's bright yellow jackets matched their enthusiasm.

The Aussies opted for comfy sandals instead of formal footwear.

Team Netherlands' orange ties popped against their gray suits.

The Germans were also decked out in gray and white. The water polo accessories were unofficial.

Argentina also opted for white with light-blue stitching.

Team Italy made a bold choice: tailored jackets and cargo pants.

The Georgian delegation kept cool in all white.

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James W. Q. said...

The British delegation would not have even broached my top ten for the night. Their uniform was uninspired, uninteresting, and almost unattractive. In similar sartorial decline were the Italians (cargo pants and athletic sneakers?). With half of the style-setting nations down, the French and the Americans thankfully came through strongly. Both nations truly embraced their national styles of sporting dress: I was especially impressed with the American outfits -- three-button sack-style blazers, D-ring belts, rep-striped ties and scarves, and driving caps (not berets) -- the epitome of the authentically American style often lost in the confusion that often eschews from our wayward couture designers. And yet, I would have to give the trophy to the French in starched gray-blue seersucker with red thread trim, navy linen trousers with matching ties and brim bands, traditional French sashes, Panama-style straw hats for the men and authentic navy berets for the women. Their victory was assured by the lack of tacky commercial branding of the sort seen on the American uniforms. The Dutch did indeed look well, but not excellent, in their steel-colored gabardine with white piping and their orange ties (which were not meant to "pop," but were an homage to the ruling Dutch House of Orange). The New Zealand team (not Aussies), aside from their sandals, wore the most startling ugly uniform. The Chinese wore a garish collar-over-the-jacket-lapels number strait out of 1970s Los Angeles -- they would have been much better in traditional silk vests or similar. The Spaniards were similarly garish. The Poles rated very well, bringing a touch of elegance and couture to the women. Most of the uniforms from the Arab nations failed to show anything more than what might be expected back at home with the notable exceptions of the Jordanians, who were stunning, and the Lebanese who were at least noticeable. The Israeli delegation was among the worst dressed of the night and the Mexicans were the least remarkable of the major nations.