Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Song Touches Your Heart?!?

When i feel down or whenever I'm sad, I listen to music. It makes me feel good and unwind. There are songs which brings back good and sad memories from the past. Sometimes you smile and laugh, sometimes it makes you cry. The best thing about it is that it makes you realize the things which you shouldn't and should have done. But keep in mind that we can never bring back the things that belongs from the past, instead look forward and face each new day with an open heart and by thanking God for all the experiences and blessings that came into our lives. Learn from our mistakes, don't make the same mistake again and always bring good memories to treasure. It's never too late to change, for change is always constant.

The songs that touches my heart are the songs from the freestyle, they are one of my all time favorite. I also love and admire the songs of Nikki Flores because I can really relate to it. How about you? What do you do whenever you're down? And what song touches your heart?

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