Thursday, January 3, 2008

AbOuT Me!

Hi, i'm Winchell Alcantara, 22 years old female. My friends call me Sheng or Cheng Cheng. We are 6 in the family, I have one brother and two sisters. I am the eldest. I live in Davao City Philippines. I'm currently taking up BS Biology which is a preparatory course for Medicine!

I love adventures and i love exploring things. I have great interest in Film making, photography, poetry, cross stitching, and documentaries. I love baking pastries, watching movies, cooking, swimming and playing PS2. I also love listening to music, but what i love most is the beach. I can unwind, relax and forget about my problems whenever I'm at the beach. Beaches are like paradise to me, especially during sunrise and sunset. And in the evening, I'd love to lay down by the shore line and look at the stars up in the sky.

I'm a new blogger. Blogging was introduced to me by the wife of my boyfriend's brother. Blogging is one way of telling, sharing and expressing ones feelings, thoughts, emotions, problems, secrets, and opinions as well as experiences and point of views. I'm glad to be a blogger for i can share to anyone the things that is going on into my life. So join me in exploring and journey with me in my amazing life!

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