Saturday, January 5, 2008

Independent Filmmakers!

Photography Film Strip

I am a member of Micromedia Production, I am the team's production manager. We are not professional filmmakers. We are a group of independent filmmakers composed of students, free lancers, and out of school youths. We earn extra money by joining film competitions such as short film and full length film competitions. On the year 2006, the group won Guerilla filmmaking competition and bagged the following awards: Best Actor/ Best Musical Scoring/ Best Editing/ Best Cinematography/ Best Director/ Red Fist.

Last November 2007, we were invited to join a Canadian Funded short film competition. The story was about a tri-people living in one community. The story focuses mainly on how these people get along so well with each other despite of their differences in culture, beliefs, traditions, and religion. The awarding will be on the 25th this month. We do not expect too much, but we hope and pray that we could win any award from the competition. Well, good luck for the group...

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