Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ThE IsLaNd HoPpInG AdVeNtUrE!

My boyfriend's former high school classmate named Apple came back from the United States. She was here for a short vacation because she was home sick. She wanted to see her close friends and meet their boyfriends or girlfriends. She invited everyone for an Island hopping at Samal Island Philippines. She paid all the expenses, all we have to do is bring our swimming stuffs.

I enjoyed the beautiful beach resorts surrounding Samal Island as well as the beautiful sceneries and views. I got to know her more, and to realize that she is so nice to be with as well as their other high school friends. It was indeed a fun trip. Before the sun set, We stayed at Costa Marina. It is one of the most beautiful resort in that island. When the night fall, we had a very cool party by the beach. We danced and drink till dawn. It was fun and very memorable.

A week after the Island Hopping, Apple went back to US. We miss her company and hope that she'll come back again!

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