Friday, January 18, 2008

@ GiLbErT's ReSt HoUsE!

It was Friday in the evening when my boyfriend's cellphone rang. We were eating at a fast food during that time. His bestfriend Gilbert Chua calledand wanted to have a swimming party in his rest house the following day. He said he miss his bestfriend and his High school "Barkada". After having dinner, we went to his house. When we arrived, some of their friends were already there. We talked about what to bring for the swimming party.

The next day before going to the party, me and my boyfriend decided to buy our favorite pizza to share in the party. We arrived at about 8 in the evening. All were already wearing their swim wears. We all had fun. The guys were the ones assigned to grill and barbecue, the girls prepared and set the table. Some were swimming and some were playing pool. The rain fell, but we had fun even more instead of stopping the party. It was one of my relaxing moments. I had a great time with my boyfriend and his friends.

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