Friday, January 4, 2008

A FaThErS DrEaM!

I have a lot of ambitions and dreams for the future. I wanted to be a DJ, a filmmaker (film director or writer to be specific), a TV reporter, and even a newscaster. So, for this dreams and ambition to fulfill, I wanted to take up Mass Communication in college. After graduating high school, my father told me a story about his plans for his brother back when they were still in high school. He told me that he wanted his brother to be a doctor in the future, he even told his brother that he will pay for his schooling. But this dreams were crushed and destroyed when his brother's girlfriend got pregnant. So, my father's brother wasn't able to fulfill my father's dream. Since i will be in college, my father asked me to take up BS Biology a preparatory course for Medicine, he wanted me to fulfill the dream that his brother didn't fulfill. I got no choice, since i love my father so much and making him happy is the most important thing for me, i took the said course. He was so happy during that time. At first it was difficult for me but after a year of taking the course, i get to like it and enjoyed the subjects. But of course, I'd be much happier if I'd get the chance to take up the course that I've always wanted. Well, i love my dad so much.

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