Monday, January 14, 2008

PaRaDiSe In DaVaO!

November last year the Micromedia Production was invited to join a Canadian funded film competition. We were required to shoot the short film for five days only. The location assigned to us was in Cotabato City Mindanao. We had sleepless nights and problems in the production. But the Micromedia Production group didn't give up. We took every difficulty and problems as trials, so instead of giving up we were more challenged to shoot the film in that very short span of time.

When we came back to Davao, the group decided to have a break after the week's busy moment. Majority of the group decided to have an overnight beach getaway at Canibad Resort in Samal Island. I haven't been there yet, it was my first time. They say, it is Davao's very own Boracay. Some call it "The paradise". So, i was excited to see the beach.

I love the beach so much, so when i got home i packed my things and prepared some food to share for the group. The next day at 7am, my boyfriend fetched me and then went to the groups meeting place. We all had to ride a boat to reach the island, it took only 10 minutes. When we got to Samal island, we had to ride a jeepney for about an hour goint to Canibad Resort.

When we got there, i must say it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. It is indeed a paradise, the water is clear, the sand is white and very thin, the air is very fresh and birds were singing from trees, the resort is surrounded by beautiful high green mountains, the people were so friendly and kind. The cottages are so clean and cozy, yet very affordable. And take note, NO ENTRANCE FEE!.

The group had fun, we played games, we grilled fish and meat, we did some barbecue, we had a night swimming, story telling, and of course picture taking. We indeed relaxed and unwind. It's one way of getting out from your busy daily routine work and free your mind from worries and problems. I wish to go back there soon!

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