Sunday, April 6, 2008

BaBy ArRiAnE's CrIsTeNiNg DaY

Early this morning i was still so sleepy when the alarm rang. It's our friend Sly's daughter Arriane's christening day! I had a light breakfast and took a bath. I hurriedly dressed up because my boyfriend was down stairs already waiting for me. He doesn't wanna be late because he will be Arriane's Godfather. And so, we went to the church where the baby is said to be baptized then we went to their house and had lunch.

After having lunch, Sly and his wife offered us beers. Everybody in the group was getting drunk, so I asked my boyfriend to stop drinking before he gets drunk. My boyfriend said that he was feeling a little bit tipsy already, so we had to get going. Our friend Ayyi invited the whole teammates in the production for Pizza at Picobello's. So, we left and went to meet up with our teammates.

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