Sunday, April 6, 2008

BoNdInG TiMe @ PiCoBeLlO's

After the christening party of our friend's daughter, me and my sweety went to meet up with our teammates in the production at Picobello's for pizza. On our way to Picobello's, we met Ayyi at the elevator,. We ordered 2 flavors of pizza since Picobello's has a buy one take one promo on pizzas. Then Sharon and Fern suddenly came and ordered another pizza. We had a nice time with each other. We took pictures and had jokes. It was one of the best times with friends. We left the place with our tummies full...

OoOOpssss! The fun never stop! When we left Picobello's, Ayyi asked us if we could accompany her at MIX FM because she and some of the BEAM Boss will be guesting in a talk show. But since it was still early, the group decided to go and drop by AVL or Alchemy of Vision and Light the Davao Production House. Unfortunately, it was closed. So, we wasted time by taking pictures along the road and headed to Mix FM station.

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