Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FiLm DoCuMeNtArY WoRkShOp! DAY 1

April 12, It was the first day of the film documentary workshop. I was still sleepy when my boyfriend woke me up. Sharon, our friend was also still sleepy but we needed to prepare because we don't want to be late for the workshop. So we took a bath, dressed up, ate a quick breakfast and went to the IIPE where the workshop will be held.

When we arrived, we met participants from other places in Mindanao. Some were from Kidapawan and the others from Tagum. While waiting for the guest speaker, Teng showed us the Film Documentary of Mr. Dominic Morissette the "Afghan Chronicles". I was so amazed about how he did the film documentary. I was so excited to meet him and to ask him some questions.

After a few minutes, Mr. Dominic arrived. He was smiling and was happy to see that almost all of the participants were so interested in film documentary and were young. He discussed to us the difference of film and documentary. He explained why he did the documentary in Afghanistan and how he did the documentary. He entertained our questions and we were satisfied with his answers and was able to learn a lot from him.

We had a lot of fun and had the chance to take some pictures with him!

Participants listening to Mr. Dominic

Class Picture!

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