Saturday, April 5, 2008

ChiLd LaBoR! WhO ShOuLd Be BLAmEd?

Yesterday, I got home at 9:30 pm. Since I'm not yet sleepy, I turned on the computer and watched film documentaries through Youtube to learn more about it for the up coming film documentary workshop. While searching for more documentaries, I suddenly saw a very interesting link of a video entitled "Mga Batang Kayod Kalabaw"By i Witness. I don't know what I felt while I was watching it. The documentary was about Child labor, deforestation, and bribery. Those kids were supposed to be in school, not working! Should we blame their parents or the Government? Tell me what you think and drop a comment on this post.

Thanks to bualaw08 for the film documentary. Thanks to i Witness!




I hope i would learn a lot of things during the workshop And come up with such documentary! I'm nervous yet excited!

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