Friday, April 25, 2008

An Expensive Dinner Date

Me enjoying my sizzling steak yummy!

Afternoon of April 23rd, me and Sharon were eating at Mc Donalds when a guy approached me and gave me a dozen white flowers. I checked the card and to my surprise it was from my sweety. I had teary eyes and I felt like a star because people were staring at me. After a few minutes, my boyfriend came and hugged me. He asked me if he could bring me to a place where I haven't been yet, I answered yes. He told Sharon that he will bring me for a dinner. So, we left Sharon and went to Sarung Banggi Restaurant, a romantic place for a dinner date. The waiter came and gave us the menu. I was shocked to see the prices! I was so shy to order, but then my boyfriend told me to order whatever I want. So since he seldom give surprises, I ordered a sizzling steak hmmm yummy! And he ordered Teriyaki steak. The food was expensive, but it's worth it. They are so delicious and mouthwatering! I love you sweety! That was the best dinner date ever! mwah.

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Gerald Galindez said...

so, you are sheng...
nice to meet you... ~_^