Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FiLm DoCuMeNtArY WoRkShOp! DAY 2

April 13, the second day of the film documentary workshop! I'm so excited because Teng Mangansakan will be the speaker for the day. The topic will be about the elements of script writing and the importance of the script. I woke up late, i needed to hurry up so I wont miss his lectures. When i arrived, I'm glad that Teng hasn't started yet. They were having a film viewing.

After the film viewing, Teng opened the floor for questions And started discussing about what a script is, importance of script and the elements of script. Everybody was participating in the activities and was able to come up with nice ideas. but, some were getting sleepy and Teng hd been very patient and continued discussing. hehehehe...

Tsk FeRnY SlEePy heAd!

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