Thursday, May 22, 2008

1 Whole Day @ Coicoi's House!

Hi! arrived home a few minutes ago, Coicoi just left. I'm so tired but everything is worth it. I spent the whole day with my sweety, Hannah (his sister), and Grandma. This afternoon we had a "Merienda" (Snack) in the garden while enjoying a very nice conversation. After having our merienda, me and Coicoi played PS2 (He always win the game huhuhuhu). Then, I had a short nap on my sweety's lap while he was massaging my head. I woke up smelling the aroma of the food grandma was cooking. When dinner was ready, I couldn't help myself and ate plenty because the food was really great and delicious.

After dinner since everybody was full, me and Coicoi decided to rest before going home. My sweety laid on my lap and kept on saying that he love's me. So sweet hehehehe... After watching the Pinoy Big Brother, I bid goodbye to Hannah and Grandma. Coicoi brought me home. I had a great day and had the chance to spend y whole day with my sweety and his loved ones. Well that's it, Just sharing ahehehehe...

I forgot to buy a gift for my sweety, tomorrow is our monthsary! waaaa! I should buy one before he arrives. I wonder what gift would be nice for him? Hmmmm... Well, I'm getting sleepy! See you peeps tomorrow! Goodnight and don't let the bed mites bite you! c";)Tomorrow is another big day for me hehehehe...

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