Saturday, May 17, 2008

Love and Relationships

DoNt FiNd LoVe

LeT LoVe FiNd YoU

CoZ LoVe CoMeS

At ThE RiGhT PlAcE

AnD At ThE RiGhT TiMe

WhEn LoVe KnOcKs

At YoUr DoOrS

OpEn Up DoNt LeT

It SliP AwAy

CoZ U MaY NoT KnOw

ItS TrUe LoVe ThAt

YoU'vE EvEr DrEaMeD Of

LiVe LiFe To ThE FuLlEsT

EnJoY AnD TrEaSuRe

UnFoRgEtAbLe MeMoRiEs

This is my motto for myself when it comes to love and relationships hehehehe...
I've posted this in my friendster account since last year and I received nice comments about it. Hope you like it to...

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