Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've Got Mail!!!!

Late this evening when my boyfriend left, I checked my email. To my surprise, a guy named Paul Velasco messaged me. It goes exactly like this:

"Hey! Why are you so selfish? You post your friendster email on your shout out box and telling us to visit it and yet to keep it in private. We don't have the privilege to view and enjoy your page to the full extent! If you are not going to make it for public viewing better not share it to us!". If you insist to keep it in private, answer this survey!

Oh well, what can I say to this Paul Velasco? Why do I set my friendster in private? Because somehow, I'd like to avoid the people who will copy and claim my photos as theirs. I am just avoiding posers. Is it wrong to protect yourself from thieves? Well I guess that doesn't make me selfish... and if I'm selfish, think about this, Why would I even share my friendster email account? Because if I am selfish, I wouldn't even care to share it and I will only accept invitations from the people I personally know... On the contrary my dear fan (hahaha), I accept "ALL" invitations and I only delete them from my friends list if they're one of those "P*RVERTS, "POSERS" and "USERS"... Got it?

It's so simple Paul, since I've posted my friendster email on my shout out box then why not invite me to be your friend? Or if you don't have a friendster account then create one and add me up so that you could view and enjoy my site to the "full extent". Is it hard to do? NO! So please give a little respect, think about it and watch your tongue!

I'd be so kind to fill up your survey, Here it goes:

-Have you ever thought that you were
going to marry a person?-
= why of course yes, i never thought i'm going to marry an animal hehehehe...

-Have you ever loved someone so much
that it hurt?
= you bet!

-Have you ever made a boyfriend or
girlfriend cry?
= Yep!

-Are you happier single or in a
= Right now, I'm happier in a relationship. My sweety Coicoi always put a smile on my face!

-Have you ever been cheated on?
= Yep! and I hate the feeling!

-What is your favorite thing about the
opposite sex?
= humour, attitude and brains

-Have you ever had your heart broken?:
= Yep!

- Have you ever broken someone's
= ask them hahaha...

-Talk to any of your ex's?
= Nope!

-If you could go back in time and
change things, would you?
= no thanks!

-Do you believe that you are a good
boyfriend or girlfriend?
= good enough!

-Have you dated people who were not
good to you?:
= you bet,, that arrogant (censored)

-Have you dated someone older than
= Yep!

= Yep!

-Do you believe everyone deserves a
second chance?
= Depends...

-Believe in love at first sight?
= Nope!

-Ever been given an engagement ring?
= Hehehehe...

-Do you want to get married?:
= Someday

-Do you have something to say to any
of your ex's?:
= Let's forgive and forget!

-Ever stolen someone's boyfriend or
= no, i'm not that type of girl!

-Ever liked someone else's boyfriend
or girlfriend?
= Nope, I love Coicoi and I'm so contented with him!

-> To the guy who sent me the email with this survey, I really hate to think that you are one of those people who were trying to steal my photos or maybe you just sent me an email for me to answer this survey for you. Well here it is now and I hope you're happy!