Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trails Of Water

Here is a trailer of the film entitled "Trails of water"
A Cinemalaya 2008 short film category finalist.

This is an experimental film by my good friend Sherhon Dayoc, it is about a young boy's emotion as seen through his make-believe story. His story is about Galeno who struggles to survive in his everyday life by fetching water as a living near the mining site. His village is then caught in a mass paranoia where everyone is suspicious of a new comer in the village. This resulted in a killing phenomenon. No one knows who the person is until the stranger revealed himself to Galeno.

Director: Sheron Dayoc
Assistant Director: Zurich Chan
Cinematographer: Sheron Dayoc
Screenplay: Zurich Chan
Production Manager/Continuity: Paul Alfonso Marquez
Story Concept: DEdoard-chan Dioquino/Sheron Dayoc/Zurich Chan
Editors: Sheron Dayoc/Dexter Dela Pena
Original Scorer: Zurich Chan
Art Director: Dexter Dela Pena

- His other film entitled "Angan-angan Dreams" is currently an official selection in Paris. Later I will be posting details about this film. Congratulations Rhon im so proud of you!

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