Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whole day Photo shoot!

The future bride, future groom and their good friend Flordy

Yesterday morning at about 7am, me and my boyfriend went to SM City Davao. We were invited by Flordy (Coicoi's officemate and friend) for a pre-nuptial/pre-wedding photo shoot. The husband to be is the operations manager of SM and Karen the future bride is working in Singapore and came back here to get married.

We have the authority to enter the Mall and were greeted by the employees. Some thought we're owners of the mall. Some were curious how we got in knowing that business hours starts at 10am.

The future bride and husband were at first very shy to pose for us, so I directed their poses and made a good relationship with them so that they won't be shy. They were very nice couple and were able to obtain their own poses. When the mall was already open for customers, they became shy again and were somewhat hesitant to pose because people were staring at them heheheh...

Since we had enough shots, we call it a day. While we were packing our things and gadgets, the future wife and husband invited us for lunch. So, we left SM City Davao and had lunch at Gerry's Grill. After having lunch, we showed them the photos and we were so glad that they love it!

This photo was taken during the pre-nuptial photo shoot

After having dinner with Flordy and the couple, we went to the office to rest. We left at 3pm and went to Coffee Monster to have a snack. Since it's a wifi area, my boyfriend Coicoi checked his mail and blog. The photo above shows a picture in its original form and the finish product of his digital Lomo picture. He made a post on how to come up with something like this in his blog site. Just check CoCoi's site. Hope you'll come up with your very own Lomo pic.

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