Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get That Spark With Socialspark!

Do you want to earn BIG BIG money in an instant? Extend your network? Meet and greet friends on line? Well, It's your chance to do all this things at the same time without the hassles. IZEA, which is known for bringing up Payperpost and Real Rank is now introducing their newest service known as SocialSpark!

SocialSpark was first introduced to me by my boyfriend who is currently earning a lot of money through it. It is a very user friendly site which connects bloggers, advertisers and other blogging communities. It is somehow similar to Payperpost wherein you can earn money with the opportunities by blogging.

What makes it different from other blog, review and survey paying sites? With SocialSpark you can add friends/add subscribers, interact with all the members, build communities, increase traffic and to "prop" or "drop"! Prop or drop is a way of voting a post.

Here are the SocialSpark's Code of Ethics:

1. 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure - To avoid "conflict of interest". Each sponsored post opportunity within the SocialSpark marketplace provides the blogger a small snippet of code for a Disclosure Badge, the badge allows to protects both you and the advertiser.

2. 100% Transparency - Every participant in SocialSpark is made viewable to the public. It is designed to keep the community honest and open about the transactions that occur.

3. 100% Real Opinions - You are free to write or say whatever you want to. Here you can express your thoughts to the advertiser's products as well as the services.

4. 100% Search Engine Friendly - SocialSpark automatically carries the "no-follow" attribute so as not to affect search engine rankings. This is designed to protect bloggers and advertisers from search engine penalties based on paid linking.

So, what are you waiting for? Build communities, meet new friends, expand your network, increase traffic and vote for your favorite post with SocialSpark. Sign up now and monetize your blog BIG! SocialSpark offers the perfect platform as it connects advertisers & blogging communities, it is one of the most user friendly sites.

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