Monday, May 5, 2008 for Your Boat Donations! is one of the most charitable institutions online which aims to provide/extend help for people who are needy, helpless, homeless, teens and adults who are rehabbed, also for food distributions and orphans. They also aim to help save people specially to those who are suffering from poverty. Angel Ministries enables you to use your boat to make this possible. All you have to do is to donate your boat, and you can choose the charity organization you want to benefit from your boat donation.

Boatangle is based in the state of California and Los Angeles. This non-profit company uses boats and other donations to make videos for kids and teens and has given away over 2.4 million videos and free DVD’s. Boatangel is specialized in turning your desire to help people into an opportunity to Donate Boats as well as other vehicles like cars and trailers. So. if you have a boat that you no longer use, might as well donate it to boatangel instead of just leaving it in your backyard as a junk? With your Boat Donation, you will be able to help and save others lives, get a tax break plus the benefit of an act of good deed.

Angel Ministries is the root of boat Angel, and they use boat donations to create children's animations and anti-drug documantaries. If you are not from California or Los Angeles, worry no more! You can still donate your boat and other vehicles by visiting their easy to use user friendly site at

Donation is a gift or a contribution, it is an act of giving something. It may take many forms , including money, new or used goods as i.e. clothing, toys, food, vehicles, emergency or humanitarian aid items as well as services. So, do a little act of kindness by donating your boat or vehicles and God will shower you with his blessings in return! Save the poor, Save lives!

If I have my own boat which I don't Use anymore, Then I will Donate My Boat To Charity. With this, I will be able to extend my help to the poor and needy people...

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