Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Aureus Solito's Basal Banar

Photo Courtesy Of Arnel Barbarona

Last April 26 this year, our film documentary workshop held a forum with Mr. Aureus Solit, our guest speaker with regards to Cultural Identities In Documentary Films. His documentary film entitled "Basal Banar" (Sacred Ritual of Truth) was showed for film viewing.

The documentaryl film "Basal Banar", was selected in the International Competition of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in Japan. Considered by filmmakers as the Olympics of Docu-Festivals. There were 902 entries this year, and the film was one of the 15 chosen for the competition (the other films are from Russia,France, Germany,Italy USA, Argentina,Israel, Taiwan, China, Greece etc.).

For Mr. Aureaus it was the fruition of years of struggle to perfect his craft and find the right material that will do justice to his roots as an Indigenous person. In a message he sent to his friends and colleagues Aries said that "This is a Dream come true, a gift from the universe". He sees the exhibition and participation of the film as the start of the international advocacy for indigenous rights in Palawan, Philippines. To him, "everything starts in this festival!"

After the film viewing, the participants were given the chance to ask questions and informations to Mr. Aureus Solito. Questions frequently asked was about how the shots were taken in the documentary film, how Mr. Aureus interacted and built a relationship with his interviewees, why he came up with the idea of making a film documentary about his own tribe and a lot more.

All the participants including me had learned a lot of things from him with regards to experimental film documentaries. The limitations and the requirements in making such a deocumentary. Thanks to Mr. Aureus Solito!

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