Friday, May 9, 2008

A Visit turns out to ba A POKER Time!

Me and my boyfriend went window shopping when suddenly Sharon, our friend texted us and asking where we were. Since we're already tired of roaming around the mall, we replied and told her that we will visit her in her house.

When we arrived, Sharon and her neighbor friend Nan were playing poker. I've heard a lot about poker but sad to say I don't know how to play it. So, since Sharon and Nan were good poker players, I took the chance of asking them to teach me how to play it. After a few hours, Sharon and Nan's friends came. They played poker while me and Coicoi were just watching and learning how it is played. Hmmmm it seems easy! hehehe but I guess I need to learn more and practice more before I get to join them and gamble with them... YaYks!

1 comment:

Gerald Galindez said...

wow.... i know how to play poker...
my father taught me how to play...
its fun right?