Friday, May 9, 2008

To Do List "TAGGED"

TAGGED BY My Sweety COICOI-> my To-Do list:

1. Apply for a TIN number for the org that we're going to put up.

2. Get my brother's NBI clearance.

3. Buy my sweety's new camera lens.

4. Improve my blog site.

5. Find the best gift for my momsie for this up coming Mother's Day.

6. Come up with a very nice script for the film I want to come up with.

7. Find a very special gift for my sweety coicoi, because we will be having our monthsary this coming 23rd.

I am tagging my Fern, Sharon and Meiyah

1 comment:

coicoi said...

anong sa 15th?? sino ang ka monthsary mo sa 15th??hmmp!